Important announcement: Winding down Subform


Hey all,

I’ve followed Kevin and his work in the Clojure community for several years now. (I even ate lunch at the same table with him during a conference). He has contributed significant and highly influential open source libraries. His stuff is top notch. That’s why I was so excited to back this project.

I was extremely disappointed to see this getting shut down. I totally understand that it was a kickstarter and that Kevin and Ryan have fulfilled their legal obligations to us backers. I also understand that pushing the envelope with new ideas has risks and challenges. We all wish it could have worked out.

Great job Ryan and Kevin. Thanks for your hard work trying to push this through.

That being said, the weeks of crickets leading up to the shutdown notice had been frustrating. Subform was so close to usable for my needs (mocking up UI’s and sharing a static, responsive, self-contained HTML+JS version with developers).

I’m not here demanding open-sourcing of the project (though I’d love to work on the ClojureScript code Kevin has written).

I will say, though, it’s just been severely disappointing to see it go down the way it has. I had held out hope to see one last post saying something like.

"We’ll implement two more features, just because you backed us on Kickstarter. Go here to vote. The two with the highest votes (that can be reasonably implemented) will be done in the next few weeks. Then we’ll shut down and walk away friends :slight_smile: "

Cheers all.