What happened to HTML export option?


The most important use cases for our team are

  1. Demonstrate proposed responsive behaviour to clients and developers
  2. Provide a markup/inspect feature to developers that shows what behaviours are intended, without clients/developers needing subform

Personally, I’ve checked a lot of tools over the past 8 years, and I think any attempt to produce code that can be used as any sort of start point for production is doomed to failure. HTML/CSS does not map well to a full constraint-based system of layout such as Subform.

I think we’d say yes to this question from above “Should we ship the Subform layout engine as a runtime dependency of the final app, similar to what the React Native folks do?”

Thanks for all your efforts on the app, I’ve just been testing Invision Studio and you’re currently doing much better on the task of prototyping responsive behaviours. I’d stay pretty closely focused on that if you want to compete. There are many decent prototyping solutions out there, but they don’t do responsive at all well :smile: