2017.02.06 Status update



Hi friends,

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's been another two weeks since the last status update, so here's a quick look at what we've been up to:

  • We've been writing new articles on our mailing list for the poor souls who missed the Kickstarter and don't have access to this forum.
    Those will be posted on our public website, on our mailing list, and in these status update topics here.

  • I've been digging deep into fonts and have 'em up and runnin' on Mac:

Ryan and I haven't quite decided how far we need to go into the typography rabbit hole, though.
E.g., justified text needs good hyphenation, which is language specific; many layouts require flowing text between multiple boxes, but it's not obvious how that should interact w/ components and layout engines; should text styles exist together with other styles in classes, or do they need their own reuse mechanism, etc.

We're currently sketching out designs and semantics and will raise more specific questions with ya'll when we're further along.

  • The new layout engine is fully implemented.
    Here's an example of Ryan goofing around w/ a grid layout:

Also note the end of the clip: we changed our minds and implemented pinch-zoom for folks w/ multi-touch trackpads.


Kevin + Ryan

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