2017.05.08 Status update



Hi friends,

It has been three weeks since our last status update.
Ryan and I are continuing to work on polishing Subform for our next release.

One of the things we just finished up was a re-implementation of the tree drag and drop.

Two big changes:

  • Color cues show you when a movement doesn't make sense (like dragging a parent element into one of it's children). These cues appear both on the tree and on your design:
  • You can now drag from the tree directly into your design. This makes it much easier to move elements without having to think too hard element names. (It also means you can drag elements from one artboard to another)

We've also been working on the UI itself:

  • We're adding a toolbar to make functionality more discoverable and to liberate some of you from the tyranny of hotkeys in previous releases

  • We've added a "no chrome" option that instantly hides the tree and sidebar (like pressing "TAB" in Photoshop) so you can see more of your design.
    As we fill out the smarty bar commands and in-context menus, I expect that my 11" macbook air and I will use the "no chrome" mode as my primary mode of working in Subform

Thanks, and have a great week!

Kevin + Ryan