2017.08.28 Subform release 3578



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3578.0.0+abf4fc8.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3578.0.0+abf4fc8.exe

Since the last release:


  • Every line of text is now rendered vertically centered within its implicit, line-height-tall box. Previously each line would be drawn at the top of that implicit box. This matches how lines are positioned in CSS and Sketch.


  • You can now create artboards in “add box mode” by clicking on the background (to create an iPhone 7 artboard) or clicking and dragging to create a custom sized artboard. See this video for details.


  • The smarty bar no longer shows “create and add class” option when text is selected, as text cannot have style classes. Thanks @rrbarry11 for the report.

  • The element you’re moving no longer gets deselected when using “shift” for horizontal/vertical locked movement. Thanks @sherbondy for the report

  • Subform no longer crashes on startup when it encounters corrupt font files. Thanks @petergroenewegen and @jensherlevsen for reporting this issue and taking the time to send us gigabytes of fonts. Ya’ll are the best!