2017.10.09 Subform release 3837



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3837.0.0+c9dd7ef.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3837.0.0+c9dd7ef.exe


  • Several keyboard shortcuts have been changed to match Sketch’s shortcuts and (hopefully) be more familiar. Thanks to everyone who discussed on the topic!

  • Images can now only be imported when something is selected. (Previously, if nothing was selected the images would appear on the first artboard.)


  • All new help tooltips in the layout panel. You can now click any underlined header to get inline help and explanatory graphics:


  • Keyboard shortcuts are now listed in the application menus under OS X. Note that, just like in Sketch, you can customize shortcuts using OS X’s keyboard preferences panel. Peep this tutorial.

  • Added a “rename selected element” shortcut, “command-r”. Thanks @rorysmyth for the suggestion!

  • Application menus have been reorganized and many new items added.

  • When moving elements by dragging from the tree, feedback is now given in the status bar (e.g., “Cannot move this element into one of its descendants”).

  • All popovers like the new help and older layout errors can now be dismissed by pressing “Esc” or “Tab”.


  • Artboards can no longer be dragged into other artboards.

  • Elements can now only be re-ordered starting from the tree. Previously they could be dragged by clicking on them directly, but there was no visual feedback that you’d picked up an element and the behavior ended up being bizarre/confusing. We’ll restore this direct manipulation soon once we design appropriate visual feedback mechanisms.

  • Elements are now deselected when their ancestor is deleted. Previously if you deleted an element’s ancestor while the element was still selected (i.e., you deleted the ancestor via tree context menu), the element would be deleted but the selection outline would remain.

  • Locking an element now deselects any of its descendents. Previously a selected descendant would remain selected and be editable.

  • “Name Box” and “Name Text” now only show up in the history list if the element was actually renamed.