2017.11.06 Subform release 3992



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3992.0.0+953b369.dmg
Windows: Subform Setup 3992.0.0+953b369.exe


Today’s release is centered around new modes for drawing boxes, text, and artboards. As part of improving Subform’s direct-manipulation options, drawing self-directed elements is now much quicker and more familiar when coming from existing design tools. Additions include:

  • New toolbar icons
  • Custom cursors to indicate what mode is active
  • Display of current dimensions while drawing
  • Keyboard shortcuts for entering these modes are consistent with Sketch
  • Proper handling of shift for “aspect ratio constrained” drawing and alt for symmetric drawing

Check out the video below for a quick overview of what’s new:



Anybody else having trouble with the macOS download URL?

Usually the Subform download links are super zippy for me!

I’m not otherwise experiencing network issues, but the cloudfront download slows to a halt after a few seconds. Eta. is at 3hrs, right now :frowning:

Probably an issue on Amazon’s end (or maybe my ISPs…?), but if you have an alternate direct S3 URL I could try, that’d be awesome!

28 PM


Got it!


Probably was facing a CloudFront issue localized to the CDN servers in my region (US-East)…