Abstract App Collab (Subform file format robustness/suitability for visual diffs, etc)?


Hey Kevin & Ryan, just wanted to see if you've had any cursory conversations with the folks over at Abstract App, re: the latest rendition of the Subform file format and whether it's well-suited for being ingested by 3rd party tools such as Abstract later down the line.

I think they are doing a great job tackling user-friendly version control in the design space, and it'd be a bummer if there is some minor limitation that'd prevent the Subform file format from being a solid target for Abstract integration later down the line in, say, 2018, as they begin to add support for more file-based design tools. I'm guessing it'll work out fine, just checking in!

Trying to keep an eye out for y'all and make sure Subform fits nicely into the design toolbelt as the ecosystem continues to evolve.


We did actually chat briefly with the Abstract team, they reached out after the Kickstarter. I've noticed a fair amount of folks are experimenting with Kactus lately, as well.

We're definitely keeping an eye towards version control. Kevin's spent a lot of time designing and documenting the file format with that aim (and others) in mind. It'll be interesting to see how things play out, but we definitely hope to move beyond the binary-blob file format. Lot of ground to cover yet before we start tackling those things, tho. :slight_smile: