Adding component looses text values


So I create a component with a bunch of text values, delete the component to reuse for later. But when I import than component again all the text values are changed to “New Text”.

Ideally I’d like the component to always pull the originals text input until I change it.

Is this a bug?


When you edit the text—are you using the inline text editor (the popup that appears when you double-click text in the canvas) or the textarea in the right panel?


Ohh i wondered if they acted the same, I believe I used the input thats in the text properties panel


Yeah, this is a poorly documented “feature” in Subform right now. :wink:

The sidebar textarea is actually for overriding the text on an instance of a component. The inline text editor controls the “default” text inside of the component.

We’ve got it on our roadmap to condense this all into the inline text editor and make it clearer (probably adding a toggle for “override text”). In the short term: right panel for overrides, inline for default should do the trick for you.

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