Blurry elements


Hey guys, just downloaded the latest release. I've been playing around and have noticed that elements seem to have fairly blurry edges within the Mac version of Subform. The only way I can describe this is almost the same experience as using a non-retina product on a retina screen.

I'm sure there will be a fix for this eventually but I wanted to bring it up regardless.

Retina support?

Can you say what OS X version you are running and your hardware configuration.
For example, are you on a retina monitor? Is it a laptop, iMac, or external display?


For sure, here are my stats.


Thanks for the info. Can you provide the following screenshots too:

  • A screenshot taken using the mac built-in screenshot tool (pressing command-shift-4)
  • An exported PNG from Subform (right click on the artboard in the tree and select "copy image to clipboard")



I think I found a way to reproduce the issue reported here:

  • Open Subform and start a clean document;
  • Press enter to add a square;
  • Change the artboard size to iPhone 6/7+ (414x736)
  • Change the artboard size to iPhone 6/7 (375/667)
  • Observe the edges of the element

I encountered this issue on my first try of Subform, and it seems like after some use, things do go back to being sharp. However I cannot find out how to make them become sharp again currently.

1:1 screenshot:

System specs:

Affected file:


Absolutely hit the nail on the head, this is my exact issue replayed.



Thanks for the detailed report @gabrycir, I was able to reproduce this on my OS X laptop.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do about this issue in the near-term, since it's likely a problem with rendering or operating system machinery (i.e., not in any code that I wrote).

I'm going to leave this topic open, though.
If this affects rendered output files, it'll move up on my priority list.