Clicking on an input field should select all


When clicking on, say, the Artboard Width input in the Layout panel, I would prefer if it selected the entire field instead of just dropping my cursor into it. I rarely tend to edit numerical inputs; instead, I just type the new value I want, so selecting all by default would allow me to overwrite the value easily, saving me clicks (and mistypes). It’s a (seemingly) small change, but it would be valuable.



@drew.mckinney I’m into that idea. It also matches the behavior we designed/implemented for renaming things in the tree.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Can you think of any downsides?

I think it might feel awkward in the grid row/column input, since in that one you probably do want to select a specific row/column with the mouse rather than having to use the arrow keys or retype it every time you change anything.
We could exclude that input from this new behavior.
(And that input needs to be redesigned anyway, having to type space-delimited values is awkward.)

@ryan, thoughts? I threw it together and it feels okay, so there are no obvious implementation concerns.


I’m into it. It’s also more consistent with what happens when you tab between inputs.

For the grid input, I think it’s easy enough to just hit the arrow keys or click a second time if you want to edit a specific column.


@kevin @Ryan I agree that the grid row/column input should still select all on the first click. I think not selecting all would be more conducive to its use case, like Kevin said, but it would be the one weird input in the bunch and probably seem more like a bug than a feature.

p.s., Keep up the awesome work! Really liking Subform so far. It’s gonna be an especially awesome product for working with design systems (yay, classes & components!).