Component Repository?


I was watching some of the videos as well as diving into Subform, and I personally love to see how things are built out (ie. components in Subform).

Unfortunately, I was not able to find and pull things like the Status Bar, while watching the pertinent tutorial.

This may very well be a dumb question, but is there a repository of components?

It just seems like, for sake of efficiency, there would be some pre-built components shipped with Subform; might be a cool idea!


If I had to guess I'd think that they're not there just because there wasn't any time to build them.

I also think that a strong UI library (similar to the way Sketch has both iOS and Material Design UI kits out of the box) would be a boon to drive adoption and making Subform competitive. The speed that those libraries give you is unchallenged, in my opinion.


Agreed. And that's one of the things I look for when looking holistically at UX/UI design tools available nowadays: efficiency.


Hi @andrew, We don't have any kind of pre-built component library right now.

I agree w/ you and @gabrycir that it can certainly make things faster when you have pre-built pieces of operating system UI you can throw together when designing your app.

We don't have that right now because:

1) It's not a core differentiator of our product, so we haven't prioritized it. We'd definitely love to have it, but we want to make sure we get things like the layout engine working well first.

2) Sharing components is a really big topic, and we're trying to better understand everyone's workflow before we try and tackle it. E.g., How many people just want to start with pre-bulit stuff that doesn't change often (like the iOS status bar)? How many people need to use a component library that does change often? To keep 10 designers on the same project synced up, for example? What happens when a component changes in the library --- does it update all of your local designs? Or do you have to manually "update" the component in your file? What happens when you make a local change to a component and it changes in the library? (a "merge conflict") Is there a UI for that? Do you just have to pick one and lose the changes in the other? Etc.

Lots of tricky problems w/ a component library, depending on the scope. We'll be talking about these issues more once the "basics" settle down.

If you have specific use cases or ideas in the mean time, though, (or great examples from other software of sharing/syncing assets), definitely add 'em to this thread.


Yep, agreed. I was trying to follow along the tutorial, and couldn't figure out how to add the status bar. That threw me off for a spin until I read this thread.