Concerned for Subform


Hey guys, I gotta be honest with you and say that I’m concerned about the future of Subform. There’s not been any updates in over 3 months and it seems like you guys have shifted direction to looks cool and all, but at $25/month, Subform is the most expensive single design software I pay for and it’s not usable for production work yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for it because I think it could be a game changer if it succeeds. But… it’s also getting harder to justify a monthly payment for something that doesn’t have a launch date or isn’t actively being built.

All that said, I get it. My team’s in the middle of a paid beta too and a little behind schedule right now. I want you guys to succeed with this. And I don’t want to add the the burden. haha. Where are things at? Is there anything we can help with?


Hi @yisrael, thanks for writing and your concern. @ryan and I will make an announcement later this week.


Awesome, @kevin. Thanks for the reply!