Creating a new object and applying a class has no effect



Creating a new object and applying a class has no effect. See:


  1. Open a new subform document
  2. Create a (box) element on the artboard
  3. With the element selected: set the border-radius at 50%
  4. With the element selected, input a class name into the ‘smarty bar’
  5. Create a new (box) element on the artboard
  6. With the element selected: enter the classes name (created in step four) into the ‘smarty bar’
  7. Apply

Expected Behaviour

The box created in step five will have a border-radius of 50% (and the root objects fill colour) after steps six and seven


Subform 0.0.0+3f2bab9


Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6



@alex.wood this is not a bug, it just so happens you are missing a key step:

  • After step 4 where you enter and apply the class, you must select the class (by clicking on 'Class' above 'Box' in the 'Styles' pane) and apply the border radius there, instead of directly on 'Box'. This correctly maps the desired styling to that class.

Now, anytime you apply your class to an object, it will correctly apply the styling associated with that class name


Doh! Cheers for the clarification Robert. This can be closed.


Thanks for the well written report Alex! And thanks @rmion for clarifying. Ya'll are the best <3