Current Feature Index?


I realize that Subform is under active development, and that this is prerelease software. As such, it would be silly of me to expect that everything works as advertised on the Kickstarter and on the Subform website. I would however like to see a high level overview of the status of the app.

I would rather not hammer @Ryan and @Kevin with a bunch of questions about features that are already on their radar.

It might be nice to have some kind of "Feature Index" that shows what features are already implemented, and where we can see at a glance the features that have actually been slated to be implemented in the future. To my mind this message board doesn't currently serve that function.

The benefits of this kind of comprehensive road map would help mitigate requests for a feature that is already coming down the pipe, and to allow a much more digestible picture of the status of the progress to the app.


I agree about the value of this suggested "Feature Index", no matter the form it may take.


I've seen multiple companies (polymail, use a public trello board for this: which is really easy to set up and works really well. Here's kin.todays:


I think a Trello board would be great !