Edit offsets and sizes by CTRL+clicking on HUD pink rectangles


After click you could move focus to relative textfield in right panel


Full contextual editing is definitely on our roadmap.

The sidebars and tabs are great for helping people discover the various operations in subform (changing layout, styles, etc.) but the tradeoff is that they take up a lot of screen real estate and force you to go back and forth between your visual design and administrative debris on the opposite side of the screen.

(I work on an 11" laptop, so I’d love to be able to do everything from Subform’s “presentation mode”.)

Making the HUD values editable is something we’ve talked about, and should be fairly discoverable.

Other possibilities are on demand pop-ups for specific style swatches or layout settings and controlling settings via the command bar.

In terms of prior art, Autodesk’s Inventor has good contextual menus — would love to hear about any other programs that do this well.