Feature request/improvements – Release 3338


I've been using the latest version of Subform since it was released and very happy with the direction it is going in, especially how similar it is to CSS Grid Layout. Not knowing what features the next releases will contain, here are some suggestions based on my experience so far:

  1. Auto-expand collapsed elements in the "Tree" and highlight it's children when those child elements are selected on the artboard
  2. Add a "Hand" tool or allow us to be able to drag the scene around with the mouse (and a keyboard key pressed); same request with zoom
  3. Ability to see and manage created classes and components; same thing for library of imported images


Glad you are happy with Subform thus far, thanks @Benzo!

As for your features:

  1. I've added some details on this to an existing topic, lets chat about it there.

  2. This is on our near-term agenda, since it's needed by folks without touchpads. This will be coming soon. Lets discuss it on existing topic

  3. The easiest way to manage your imported images (edit them, replace them with other images, organize into folders) is to just manipulate them on the filesystem in the images/ folder that Subform creates next to your .subform file. For classes and components (or more advanced operations w/ images) we'd need to have a longer discussion to understand what problems are being solved --- please open up individual topics on those so we can discuss with everyone.