Fonts not loading correctly on Windows version


Some of my fonts do not seem to be loading correctly on the Windows version of Subform.

Here's a screen recording of the problem: dropbox link

So some of the fonts load correctly but most do not. And I just tried it on my macbook and there was no issue present. So it seems to be only on Windows.

Can anyone else confirm this on Windows? Maybe its something with the fonts I have installed. But some were Google fonts downloaded recently so I don't think the font file would be the issue.


Thanks for the report @rrbarry11! I'm able to replicate this on a Windows machine over here.
We'll get this fixed up for the release next week.


Awesome! Thank you for investigating.


I found the underlying issue yesterday and got it fixed this morning, so it'll be in the upcoming release.
Thanks again for the report!


Fixed in release 3520.