Free-form Snapping


Wanted to request a free-forming snapping technique. Not too sure what rules you would apply to this but some basic, free-forming snapping to other objects and artboard constraints would be super helpful.


Hey Ryan, can you be more specific in terms of your use case?

A scenario or two where you’re missing snapping, the reasons why, and what type of snapping would address it? (e.g. grid snapping vs object snapping, mid-point vs. edges, snapping to other self-directed elements vs. parent-directed elements)


Mainly for the beginning stages when throwing objects on the artboard all in “self-directed” mode. I thought snapping already occurs in parent & grid modes?

But snapping to the outer board edges, and object-to-object snapping would be great!

Middle alignment snapping would also be very helpful when trying to align one object to another.