Freeze on Hug-able Grid


On the latest release on windows (not too sure about mac) if you set a parent “Grid” layers width or height to “hug” it freezes the program and causes the user to force-close.

Not sure if “hugging” is allowed on grid layers but I tried it our nonetheless and it froze unfortunately.

Thanks guys


Hug is allowed on grid — it resolves based on the sizes of the rows/cols.
I just tested on the latest release with the default settings (rows = cols = “1s 1s” and a gutter of 10) and the parent resolved to 10x10 as expected:

Can you send me a file or share the grid children layout settings that are causing a freeze?


Instead of using the default 1s 1s for the grid setting, change it to hug and hit enter. I think that should replicate it on your end.


Oh, gotcha. Yeah, confirmed over here.
The input should disallow “hug” as a row/column size rather than freezing like this.

Can you explain or draw what sort of layout you are trying to accomplish?

I think of “hug” as “take the smallest size necessary to fit my children”.
But a grid child has no intrinsic size — it’s sized to fit the grid — so I don’t know what should happen.


I believe I was trying to set a parent grid layer to pull its height based off the child layers heights inside of it.

No worries if this is dis-allowed, just was playing around with some functionalities trying to find the best route to take.