Google Hangouts this Friday, August 4th


Kevin and I did some live stream hangouts with everyone immediately after the Kickstarter. Now that Subform is a little further along in development, we'd like to do a few more.

This is a good time to pepper us with questions, have us help debug problems, ask us to demo features, etc. This time we're going to do it via Google Hangouts, so it's easier for everyone to ask questions verbally, share screens, etc.

The first one will be this Friday, August 4th, at 10am PDT (UTC -8).

At that time, you can join the hangout here:

If this time doesn't work for you, don't fret—we'll do more in the future. Just let us know your time zone and what time of day generally works for you.


Bump reminder that this hangouts is tomorrow, Friday August 4th at at 10am PDT (UTC-8).