Making Feature Suggestions


Hi everyone —

Kevin and I are excited to hear about your ideas for how Subform can be better—both tweaks to existing features and ideas for new ones.

When posting feature requests, there are a few things that you can do to help us:

  • Check to see if there's an existing topic already. Before you post a feature request, search this category for existing discussion on that feature. Reply to an existing topic before starting a new, duplicate one. This will make it easier for us to track these requests.

  • Describe the problem you're trying to solve. Instead of starting with a feature ("a pen tool"), talk about what you're trying to accomplish. ("I often need to draw simple icons in my UIs like disclosure arrows.") Give us some insight into your workflow. ("I can draw these in an another tool, but the time spent switching between apps slows me down, and I can't change the color of the icon from within Subform.")

  • Be specific. Broad requests ("better typography tools") are less helpful than specific ones ("It's important to me to have tabular figures support because our UIs involve a lot of financial tables.")

We'll be reviewing and commenting on the topics in the features category regularly. And we'll always be posting reports on what we're currently working on, so you know what's on the short term roadmap.



To post a feature request, I create a new topic entirely?


@lukeysm Yep, if there isn't a topic for that feature already, just create a new one.


Awesome thanks Ryan. I've already got it open and working on a project--will try to put my requests into a problem rather than a solution :slight_smile:



Where can we find the "Short Term Roadmap"? Is there one yet? Would be nice to now, so I feel safe that I don't spam the feature-category with obvious requests that are already on your mind :slight_smile:

Perhaps it even gets a seperate category? Or you could pin it in "features" so everybody stumbles upon them before one creates a feature...


Posts for those will always be tagged with “plan”. You’ll always be able to view all all of them here:


I’m also looking for the roadmap, the tags link is dead.

I would really love to see a Trello board approach, as you can see used by Epic Games for development of Unreal Engine here:


Good catch on the tags link. I’ve redirected it to the correct tag. We’re since replaced our status update posts with our every-two-weeks release posts.

As Kevin previously mentioned, we don’t have plans to do a Trello roadmap right now.

Because we’re a two-person team and the software’s still in beta, our development priorities can change really quickly. We might end up spending a few days just chasing down a nasty bug or adding a much-requested change, which can push other plans out of the way. And we’re still actively testing and talking with users to figure out what the best business priorities are for the software.

Unreal Engine’s 19 years into development, so we’ll catch up with them at some point. :slight_smile:

In the short term, our roadmap looks like this: deliver stable, performant software and continue to refine the feature set that’s on, primarily: layout, components, style classes, and (eventually) data.