Moving multiple layers changes layer order


When selecting multiple layers and moving them in the tree, the layer order changes unexpectedly.

Expected behavior:
Same block of layers just moves to the new position in the tree.

See this gif:


Can you say a bit more about how you created the grid col boxes?
Are those components or regular boxes?

A video starting from a blank document would be very helpful.

I tried to replicate from a new document by creating 4 boxes (pressing enter), selecting the first three one a time, then moving them into the 4th by dragging on the tree. They retained their original order.

  • The grid col boxes have a percentage width (like 33.3333%, 75%, ...)
  • These are regular boxes.

I restarted Subform and now I can't reproduce the bug.


Ugh! The worst kind of bug.

I'll keep an eye out for it, and I'll double check the code that maintains order when you move things around (it's something I explicitly implemented).

If you do find a way to reproduce, please let me know and I'll get it fixed up ASAP.