Padding changing on both sides rather than the one specified


Mac OS X version 10.12.1

I'm using Subform 0.0.0 8afa768 on Darwin 16.1.0 and am having trouble when changing the padding to one side of an object. When I add padding to the right had side of an object it also affects the left padding.

Steps to recreate
• Create box (now referred to as 'parent container')
• add text field and add some content (now referred to as 'button copy')
• add box on the same level of 'button copy' and set to fixed 20px x 20px size and add a background image with no-repeat (now referred to as 'icon-box')
• add 12px margin to right of 'icon-box'
• add 12px padding to left side of 'Parent container'
• add 12px padding to right side of 'Parent container' taking notice of how the left padding seems to increase at the same time.

Padding seems to add to both sides when only referencing one

Other thing to note
I found that this didn't happen if the 'parent container' was set horizontal left alignment but seeing as the parent was not a fixed width and should be determined by the total width of it's children and padding I felt that this shouldn't be happening regardless of how the alignment is set.

(You'll need to right click and say open video in new tab for some reason)