Parent and child box get misaligned when moved together


I have a parent and child boxes. Both have position set to freeform. When I select them both (shift+click) and move them around the artboard they get misaligned. I.e. the child element moves relative to the parent with the same distance and direction the parent moves relative to the artboard.

Here's a screen capture:


Thanks for the report --- also, if we ever meet in person let me buy you a beer for being the first person to submit a screen capture! = )

Subform works differently than most existing tools since it has a layout engine.
The engine positions elements relative to their parents, so in this case if you want to move both you only need to move the parent.

What's happening in the video is the correct behavior as designed, so I'm going to close this thread.

That said, I'm not saying the way the layout system works is perfect --- if you want to discuss alternative behaviors we can talk about it in a different topic in the "questions" category.