Performance concerns


Hey @kevin and @Ryan,

I’m loving the app so far.

I have lots of suggestions and a bug report to post, but for right now, I have a question.
I’ve noticed when working on a Subform document with a few hundred children, the UI begins to lag. Sometimes, it will take Subform up to 3 seconds from when I click a element to when it becomes highlighted on the screen.

This is problematic when trying to make on-the-fly changes to larger documents. Especially, while discussing a design with co-workers.

I haven’t run any real tests to verify that what i’m experiencing, is in fact a problem with larger documents, so I really don’t have any concrete data to support my claim. But, I can provide a few screen recordings to show you what I’m experiencing.

Thank you for reading, and again, thank you for such an amazing app. I hope to share some of the work i’m doing with the Subform community soon.


Subform Beta 4553.0.0+24e1fc7
Build date: 2018-03-09
OS: Darwin 17.4.0


Hi @drhees, thanks for writing and glad you are enjoying Subform so far!

Performance is definitely an issue when there are lots of artboards and elements.
There are some avenues I’m looking into for improving performance, but all of them require quite a bit of coding and testing work, so nothing will be available in the near term.

The best way to improve performance right now is to reduce what Subform has to render.
The easiest way to do that in a presentation setting is to hide the UI (View -> Presentation Mode, in the app menu) and to hide any elements that don’t need to be rendered (using the eyeball icon in the tree).


I’d love to see Subform work as smooth as Figma. Does Figma engineers collaborate in any way? From what I’ve seen Figma is rendering UI in React as well, also the canvas is rendered in WebGL (more interesting stuff in their blog @kevin Would love to hear from you, any plans on improvements?