PNG export loses FontAwesome icons


I've used FontAwesome icons on mockups, styling them with the text css [font-family: FontAwesome].

That works fine in the Subform environment, but if I "Save Image" on the Artboard, all the FontAwesome icons are lost, and render as boxes.


I think I know what is going on, and it's the result of the font/text controls being all half baked right now.

Are you setting the font in the CSS override box (the bigger textarea on top) rather than in the CSS font spec (the one-line input below it)?
If so, then what's happening is that the default value for the CSS font spec input ("12 sans serif") is overriding the value you set in the CSS override box.

If you set the spec in the font spec input, then it should export correctly (as shown below).
The reason that the "font spec" has its own input is so that Subform can measure the font when calculating layouts, so that things like "auto" size works.

Anyway, see if that workaround helps for now, and if not we can keep digging.

2016.11.28 Subform release 8afa768

Yes, had the CSS in the override area. I'll try setting it in the font spec instead.


@kevin, setting size and face in the font spec area, and other styling in the escape hatch allowed me to add font awesome icons that save with the artboard image. Thanks.