Rearrange Artboards in Tree


Small feature request for a similar drag and dropping action for re-arranging Artboards as you currently have for the Structure Tree layers.

Need this to keep Artboards organized!

Thanks guys


Can you say a bit more about how you would ideally like to organize / manage your artboards?

Right now the artboards list is really just a placeholder until we can think about and design a more robust tool.
A simple global order for artboards probably won't scale for more advanced workflows, so I'd rather start to explore ideas for how to organize artboards in a way that will scale to 100+ artboards than spending time tweaking something that won't scale up.

References to existing systems (e.g., photo/video management tools, etc) would be great.


Just off the top of my head I think the same controls for layers would be nice (lock/unlock, visibility controls). Also a way to group Artboards would be a sweet feature that not a lot of design programs use.

As for some examples I like the Sketch layer/ Artboard search bar and how you can hide all non-sliced layers. And if you use naming conventions (icon/search/white) the search bar becomes very useful for filtering through a big project file.

I'll think some more about this and report back some better feedback