Release frequency



I can see that we are getting releases ver often. After the kickstarter we got 4 frequent release and it stopped after the easter holiday :frowning:

Don't try to handle everything by yourself, let us know too. Maybe we all can help you two :slight_smile:


Ryan and I are working as hard as we can to get something out to ya'll that's worth testing --- we know you want to help and are excited = )

We haven't released in a while because we respect your time.
We don't want to waste it by constantly releasing half-baked features and breaking file format compatibility.
The reason for the long gap since the last release is because we've made some pretty substantial changes, and are fixing as many of the obvious issues as we can before asking you to check it out and commit more of your time.

We're getting close, though, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks.

Where is latest download?

I'm excited, to say the least. I know you guys have been hard at work.

It looks like the Sketch Beta has some interesting features, trying to turn it into a Subform, but theirs looks so buggy: