Save image/ Copy to Clipboard typography error


On windows, I’ve been having an issue when trying to save an image of the artboard in subform. It doesn’t render my fonts correctly and just utilizes the default sans and serif fonts. Same behavior happens when using the “Copy Image to Clipboard” menu action as well.


Thanks for the report @rrbarry11. I take it the fonts render fine in the app itself, though?

Can you reproduce the issue with a document that has just a single artboard and single text box, or does it only show up on more complex files?

Any chance you can send me an email ( or private message that contains a file and the fonts where you’re having this issue?


Yes, it seems to be happening with every font and file in subform, so I recreated the scenario in a file and used two google fonts so you can easily try them out for yourself.

The file is zipped here on dropbox and it contains the awesome.png screencapture I saved out so you can see how the fonts aren’t being saved out.

The two fonts I used in this example are Merriweather and Effra.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for taking the time to send this over.
I’ve found the root cause of the issue, which is that Windows doesn’t lookup fonts by PostScript name, which is how things work on OS X.

We have a workaround for this in the main app, but it’s not in place for the image rendering stuff.
I’ll have a fix out for this in the next release.


Cool! Thanks for fixing the issue