Scrubbing numbers!


Hi everyone!

I recently discovered the work of Bret Victor, a brilliant mind who works hard to break the walls of that box we’re usually thinking in. I thought I could share some of it with this community, just to broaden our perspectives a little bit… as if we had to! :yum:

I discovered his work through a talk titled Inventing on Principle, which absolutely blew my mind. I’ve read elsewhere in this forum about intuitive design, and I think that Victor’s work absolutely nails down this concept.

Creators need an immediate connection to what they’re creating.
– Bret Victor

What does it have to do with Subform? There’s a topic in particular that Victor has written about, which he calls scrubbing numbers. And I thought that Subform could use this concept in a couple of places. I’ve noticed in some demo videos that we can look at values directly on the layout with the HUB, which is cool, but that in order to change any value, we must go back in the side panel, find the correct place and modify it manually. What if we could just scrub the number shown in the HUB directly to change its value instead?

Immediate connection to what we’re creating.

The entire design would be impacted in real time, allowing us to feel what seems to be right, instead of pure trial and error. The scrubbing could of course apply to any number field in the panel itself too!

I know, I know, the tool is still in active development and functionality is more important than UI sugar, but sometimes those seemingly insignificant details are what actually differenciate a good from a Great tool! And I want to make it clear that I think that Subform is really heading in the right direction in this regard.

Hope that piqued your curiosity!

  • 1000 on this, scrubbing number would be much more efficient than form filling numbers.