SHIFT + D does not duplicate multiple selected objects


On Mac & Windows 10

SHIFT + D does not duplicate multiple selected objects.

When having multiple objects selected and using right click -> duplicate in the layers tree, the box # counter counts up the number of selected objects while only duplicating the right-clicked one.

Expected behavior:
The selected objects should be duplicated below their originals in the layers tree and carry over the name and all settings.


Thanks for the report David.

It sounds like you a reporting two different issues: tree menu behavior and keyboard hotkey behavior.

For the tree: right now menu in the tree only refers to the element you right-clicked on, not to the selection. So you can, for example, right-click and select "duplicate" for an element even if you have no elements selected (or a different one, or multiple elements).

This was a deliberate decision on our part because sometimes you want to mess around with elements on via tree without having to select them first.

For the hotkey: I'll need to think through the implications of allowing duplication w/ a multiselection.

One potential issue I can think of right now is what people expect when one element of the multiselection cannot be duplicated. Say you have three things selected: A, B, C. If C cannot be duplicated for some reason, would you rather have A and B duplicate, or no action to occur?