Shift Select Multiple layer rows


So currently holding shift and clicking multiple layers in the tree selects those individually clicked layers. But say I wanted to grab a list of 20 icons, that still requires 20 clicks while holding shift correct?

Ideally I’d want to click the top-most layer, hold shift and click the bottom-most layer to select all 20. And then from there I’d want to be able to drag all 20 selected icons into different parent layers, currently if you select multiple layers and then drag them it only affects the first clicked item.

Do others agree with me as well?


I do!
I often find myself trying to do this or even to be able to select multiple items by dragging my pointer on the artboard (like I do in Axure, I guess I have some habits…)


@rrbarry11 @astrid.boivin, Do you have thoughts on how Subform should handle multiselections that cross hierarchy levels?

For example:

  • If you click on A and then shift-click on its immediate next sibling B, does all of A’s children get selected too? Does it make a difference whether A is expanded or collapsed?

  • If you have both A and its child A1 selected, and you drag into B, is A still A1’s parent, or are both now children of B?


I think all of A’s children should be selected, whether its expanded or not. If I needed to get technical with the sibling selections, say I want all the children A1-A6 besides A3, I would select A1, Shift-Select A2, Ctrl -Select A4 and finally Shift-Select A6 (so this grabs A5 as well).


I think once you select A, you automatically tell Subform you want all of A’s children, so when you drag into B it keeps the hierarchy of A but B is now the top-most parent