Support for the reflow layout


I was wondering if you are planning to add reflow (both vertical and horizontal) feature to the layout engine?

I think it is the very common pattern for all kinds of interfaces:


@combdn Yeah, reflow is certainly a common need.

My concern with adding something like reflow is that it’d be very complex (see CSS’s flex-wrap and flex grow/shrink).

Furthermore, it seems that wrapping is most useful when combined with dynamic data, like in your example.
And it seems to me that it’d be more useful to explore reflow in the context of a production prototype (hooked up to live data, written in the production medium) rather than to try to simulate it in Subform.

That said, it depends what sorts of questions you’re trying to answer.
Could you elaborate more on your use case — on why you need reflow in Subform?


Simply, I don’t want to nudge. I want to create the component and to experiment with the look and the layout. I thought It was the purpose of the app.
There’s no need to use flex for such things. You just use display: inline-block (for the horizontal reflow). It is the basic CSS feature.

It also solves cases like this:

Which are also very common.

In terms of settings in Antetype it’s just one switch: