Tabbar for multiple documents


I don't know how softwares run on MacOS (i think it's a base QA plataform for Subform), but in Windows, softs rarely open two instances of himself to the user, like Subform do for new documents.

A lot of softwares in Win OS create a tabbar, then run documents in tabs. You can start a new instance too, but it's hard to happen.


Can you explain your motivation a bit more for this?
Is it to "fit in" better with how things are done with Windows?
Is it easier to do certain operations if there's a custom tab bar within the app rather than switching between documents using the Windows task bar?


Exactly this. It's a default UX for Windows apps.
It's hard to Windows users to work with multiples instances than the only instance and multiple tabs/docs in same instance.


It can be useful to follow platform-specific UX conventions, but I don't want to do it blindly.

Can you say a bit more about what exactly makes it "hard" when there is one instance?

I have a multiple monitor setup on my windows machine, and I tend to "pop out" tabs into separate windows.
For examlple, I run one Google Chrome instance on my portrait oriented monitor and another instance on my landscape monitor so that I can see two webpages side-by-side.
If everything were forced into app-specific tabs, I wouldn't be able to do this.

I'm not saying we won't do it, but I do need to hear about some pros/cons before I can make an informed decision.


Hi @kevin! Tabs in Subform may be useful when you work at multiple projects/have some files with pieces of ui for references. I remember when tabs become in Sketch. It was very exciting moment. Before this time I had multiple workspaces (up to 8) with different files. So, tabs is must-have feature