Tiny bug in 3520: drag lock (Shift) in Self-Directed Mode deselects element when dropped


If I drag a box in self-directed mode, and then I press shift to lock the direction of my drag to either the x or y axis, as soon as I release my mouse to finish the drag and drop the box in the desired position, the box gets deselected!

Expected behavior: box stays selected when I finish dragging!

I noticed this is dependent on whether I stop holding shift before or after I finish dragging.
E.g. if I release the mouse BEFORE I release shift, the object gets deselected.
If I release shift BEFORE I release the mouse, then the object remains selected.


Thanks for the well-written report!

The issue is related to the fact that we use “shift click” for multiselection.
I just fixed it, so it’ll work according to your expected behavior in the next build.