Typing "F" into an input causes UI to show/hide


One small bug I found was trying to type FFFFFF into the styles background color input ends up hiding the interface because the “F” key is mapped to the hide shortcut.

Edit: Seems to happening on every input box.

2017.12.18 Subform release 4303

I can replicate this on Windows, but not on Mac. Are you on Windows?


Yes you are correct, sorry should have clarified that originally.


Any chance windows users can get a fix for this before the next release? Currently cannot use the new version of Subform because of this bug.


I updated the release with a new Windows build: https://d1bvr6cax027in.cloudfront.net/releases/Subform+Setup+4307.0.0%2B92e14ac.exe

Eventually I’ll learn my lesson and never touch the hotkeys, which have turned out to be the most difficult part of creating this software = )


You guys rock! Thanks so much.