Undo doesn't always work


1. Change the corner radius of an element from one value to another and press return. (radius changes)
2. While the cursor is still in the input field, do command-Z to undo

Result: nothing changes

Expected: should undo the change

I've noticed this a few other places too


Hi @paulcanetti, thanks for the report!

What's happening is that the input field is swallowing the key events.
If you click on the artboard or otherwise "defocus" from the input field, the undo hotkey will work.

Before I go in and change this behavior, can you (or anyone else) think of a scenario where we would want to prevent an undo event while someone is typing in an input field?

This is on my mind since I just had to address https://talk.subformapp.com/t/alt-key-is-intervening-with-text-input/421/2


How do other apps handle this? (just double-checked and undo works inside similar parameter input fields in Photoshop, Keynote, etc.)


Yeah, I looked into Illustrator's behavior when I wrote my reply.
It seems to allow hotkey undo from within an input box.

I suspect that's the right solution, but I'm always nervous about "solutions" that don't have at least a few downsides or alternatives = )