Unusual component syncing with text-fields


Mac OS X version 10.12.1
2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

Subform version 0.0.0 8afa768 on Darwin 16.1.0

This bug is the same as https://talk.subformapp.com/t/layout-on-components-text-element-doesnt-propagate-to-other-instances/964

Steps to reproduce

• Create a new component that contains text fields
• Insert duplicate of component via smart input at bottom
• add margins to the text fields in the new component you just inserted and change some of the text in the data-fields.

Margins and text amends are not transferred to the original version of the component. Sometimes the text amends are transferred but if you insert another new third component copy the text will have been reverted to another datum within the dataset.

Second component that had text and margins updated

Original component whose text field margins did not update

Third copy of component whose text field margins did not update and also reverted to original data field

Removing the text/dataset system

Possibly related/duplicate of https://talk.subformapp.com/t/layout-on-components-text-element-doesnt-propagate-to-other-instances/964 ?


Ah yes you're right. Exactly the same bug with the added extra that the dataset selection also didn't copy across. Plus your example is easier to see what the issue was haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll add a line in at the top.