Welcome to the Subform Discussion Board


Welcome to the Subform discussion board!

We’re excited to work with you and improve the craft of digital product design.

This discussion board is for all of us, and we want it—as well as the broader design industry—to be an inclusive, supportive community. We’re here to do great work and we won’t tolerate haters:

However, we do have to tolerate lawyers, so please read:

Finally, note that while currently only Subform beta participants can read/post on this board, it may become public in the future.

We’re lucky to have you — people who believe in what we’re doing — on our side as we work through the rough edges of software development. Subform is a work in progress, and we need your feedback and ideas to make it great.

You can help by:

Please remember that we are just two nerds, so we won’t be able to implement every conceivable feature over the next few months. We’re going to go down some dead ends, and we’re going to make mistakes.

Subform’s a work in progess, and it’ll take time and iteration to get it right, so we need your patience.

But you’re the ones who know that we can do things better, and that we can move our whole industry forward. Together we can make something great.


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