What is the target platforms we design for?


So the mantra is that Subform is an agnostic design tool. I'm curious what platforms are there that people design for that they could use subform for and what they plan to use it for. This will be helpful to keep some context regarding the range of devices we are and will be designing for. This might even be suited as a poll.

These are all the ones I can think of right now.

*chrome extensions
*smart TV's
*smart Fridges
*smart Cars

I personally am focusing all in on the web. Basically every device with a screen supports browsing the web. With progressive web apps you can essentially reach native like experience for 90% of use cases and it means only having to support one code base. Just using various break points.


I would love to see Subform export code that supports Flexbox for web so it can be easily ported to ReactNative.


I'm mostly web based as well. I tried figma for a while but it's not working well with me yet. Subform on the other hand seems to work the way I think, so it's much easier to get things out of my brain.

Important things for me, reflecting that:

  • Customizable presets / artboards
  • The ability for one file to hand a ton of pages
  • Good export options
  • A file format that can be easily shared
  • Bonus points if the file plays nice with version control


I design for web, and iOS, Android and Windows mobile.