Where are all the controls?


Sorry guys, can't figure out what I am looking at. Downloaded latest and I can't find a single drawing tool for the life of me. How do I add something as simple as a rectangle? https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zmu3nz2toayvwg/Screenshot%202016-12-06%2009.51.19.png?dl=0


Hi @michael.havill. Subform is still in a rather early prototype stage, but you can find a handy cheat-sheet under the "Help" menu item (see attached screenshot). I hope this helps.


Thanks, that is useful. But where is the tool you showed in the kickstarter videos?


Check out the 'getting started guide' and also the videos on the website. https://talk.subformapp.com/t/subform-101-getting-started/30