Where is the UI for adding elements?


Where is the UI for adding elements? It seems extra confusing that creating elements on the canvas is only done via hotkeys. I was also wondering why the hotkey for duplicating is shift+d rather than cmd+d.


@taurean just hotkeys for now ... i had a hard time with that too at first. but if you think of things in terms of how flexbox works it starts to make sense. from my perspective.


@taurean, No reason about shift+d vs. command+d that I can recall. Hotkeys are a bit of a mess right now, especially for our friends with non-American keyboard layouts. Once the features stabilize, Ryan and I will probably take a pass and remap some of the hotkeys around and/or allow for per-user customization. We'll open up a topic on that when the time comes.


@kevin I did not want to start a new topic for this comment so I am putting it in here as it relates in part to Subform's UI.

Have you heard about or tried http://macaw.co ? This was a promising front-end web design tool that was supposed to generate production-ready HTML/CSS pages. The project was abandoned after the team that built it joined Invision. I am fully aware that Subform is not the same kind of tool but I think the Macaw had a good approach to solving some of the difficult UI decisions that will have to be made to make Subform easier to use in the following areas:
1. Switching between "freeform" and "computed" design modes
2. Setting rules (CSS rules) for the behavior of UI components in the "computed" design mode
3. Creating, using and changing a grid system and responsive breakpoints
4. Managing layers and parent/child hierarchy of UI components on screen
5. Using CSS variables
6. Creating, managing and using reusable UI components
7. Setting states for UI components

These are some of the many features similar to Subform this app covered and executed well in my opinion. I'd recommend trying it out if you haven't yet, its FREE now.