Where's the weekly planner messages?


A feature I really liked from the first few weeks was seeing the "status report" of what you planned on working on for the week. It helped me feel connected to a product we just helped fund. It also helps me "keep the faith" when it comes to holding out hope for Subforms continual progress. Do you plan on starting that again after the holidays or publishing some kind of open roadmap?


We'll bring it back after the holidays, though it might change to every two weeks.
Since right now our focus is on some big stuff like rethinking the layout engine (rather than bugfixes or smaller features) we don't have a lot of exciting stuff to report on a week-by-week basis.

Since the last update, though, I wrote 4,000 words on layout to help myself think through the problem, and Ryan went to Hawaii for a holiday = )


@martincreative I appreciate you bringing this up --- Ryan and I are definitely working on Subform all the time, but we gotta remember to tell ya'll about our progress. We definitely want you to "keep the faith".

I've posted a proper update.


Do you work on small tasks/features plan? If yes, maybe a taskboard (like a Trello board) which you can update weekly is faster to update for you and more visible to us, to follow Subform progress.

We just want to know status or if our demands are almost being seen/working. Just to not feeling abandoned.


I've been addressing each small task on their respective topics, which I link to on the release notes.

If my language on a topic is unclear or if I haven't responded to something in a week or longer, feel free to notify me with an @-mention on the topic.

Ryan and I don't have plans to try and setup a public trello board or anything like that --- we need to keep our heads clear enough so that we can focus on the bigger picture issues (e.g., layout capabilities, what we can do to make Subform more playful/exploratory, etc.). A trello board could quickly turn into an endless treadmill of work that, while useful, is not going to make-or-break Subform as a business and successful product.

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