Why are the versions available to download nothing like what was demo'ed in the kickstart video?


Am I downloading the wrong thing? I think I might be a bit confused. All the versions I can download look like the beginning of a development project ... as far as I can tell I cannot even add a rectangle. But the kickstart clearly showed a tool that was fairly progressed. What is the delta here?


The current version of the tool is definitely capable of making responsive layouts, but has a learning curve. Please read the Subform 101: Getting Started guide and watch the linked screencasts. :slight_smile:


Hi Michael — Definitely check out the Subform 101, like @eliotlash mentioned. That should get you up and running on the basics. At the top of that page, there are links to a couple of video tutorials that should help, as well.

Subform's still rough-around-the-edges while we develop it, but it's capable of doing all the things we showed in the Kickstarter video. (We built those demos in Subform) There are a few things that we've removed for the purposes of testing (image variants, device preview), but they will be making their way back in as we get further along in development.

Hope that helps. Look forward to hearing your ideas.