2017.09.11 Subform release 3661



2017.09.13 Note: There are some rather prominent bugs in this release, please use Subform release 3671 instead.

Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3661.0.0+39a7d14.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3661.0.0+39a7d14.exe

Since the last release:


  • The keyboard shortcut for hiding Subform’s menus is now ‘F’, instead of ‘tab’. There was a conflict with using tab to move focus between inputs.


  • The font style menu is now sorted by weight (light to heavy) and regular/roman/book weights are the default when a new text element is created.

  • Menus! We’re building out proper application menus for Subform; new additions include “Open Recent,” a list of open Subform windows under “Window”, and inserting components from a list. We’ll be further fleshing these out in future releases.

  • “Reveal in tree” context menu now scrolls the tree to the element and indicates it with a quick animation.

  • You can now open the context menu for an element without selecting it.

  • Context menu for component instances now lists all of the component states for quick switching.

  • Stretch values are now case insensitive: both “1s” and “1S” are accepted.


  • The typeface and style menus now expand to accommodate longer font/style names without truncation.


2017.09.13 Subform release 3671