2017.09.25 Subform release 3743



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-3743.0.0+58a006f.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 3743.0.0+58a006f.exe


  • Subform’s document file format has changed: Your existing documents will be automatically upgraded when loaded — no action needed on your part. However, documents saved by this version of Subform will not work properly in older versions of Subform.


  • The border control has been redesigned so that it’s faster to specify borders: The first row specifies the border for all sides, and the remaining rows allow you to specify the border for specific sides. Thanks @ldubya for the discussion!

  • A “status bar” has been added to the bottom of the app so that Subform can give you help/feedback without getting in your way. For example, it will say “Text cannot have children” if you try to create a new element within a text box.

  • Elements could become blurry when zooming or panning, due to subpixel antialiasing. Zooms and pans are now locked to full pixel increments.

  • The app toolbar tooltips have been changed from our custom big tooltips to the operating system default tooltips.

  • Added iPhone X artboard preset.

  • Windows shortcuts now appear in the application menu bar items.

  • Shortcuts and menu bar items have been added for fullscreen mode. Thanks @JohaWeber and @AdrianoCahete for the request!


  • When a self-directed element is duplicated, the copy shows up to the right. Formerly this behavior also affected component instances, but since instances of a component share layout, both instances would be shifted to the right and on top of each other. Now, no layout changes are made to instances when duplicating them. (The copy will still be on top of the original, though, so you’ll need to use a layout override or move the copy into a new parent).

  • Type size menu now displays correctly.

  • Component override button text now displays correctly on Windows.

  • Subform no longer shows a document as having “unsaved changes” on MacOS (dot in close window button) after a file has been saved with “Save as…”


2017.09.13 Subform release 3671