2017.12.18 Subform release 4303



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-4305.0.0+1c7f58b.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 4307.0.0+92e14ac

Since the last release:


  • On OS X, bitmap images and SVGs can now be pasted directly into Subform, and they’ll be added to the selected artboard. They’ll be saved in your document’s images/ folder, where you can rename and relink them as you can any other image.

  • On OS X and Windows, text can be pasted directly into Subform, and will be added to the selected element.

  • The tree panel can now be resized using the mouse. Thanks to @rrbarry11 for the request.

  • The title bar now indicates that your document has unsaved changes by showing an astrisk. Thanks to @daveyholler and @astrid.boivin for the report.

  • Subpixel rounding issues have been fixed in the rendering engine — selection outline and other overlays now line up exactly, regardless of zoom level.

  • Component override icons are now consistent for layout, children layout, and image overrides.

  • The performance of the layout engine has been optimized; tests indicate that layout now takes about 40–50% of the time and 25–40% of the memory it used to. Furthermore, layout is now skipped entirely for commands that have no effect on it (e.g., selecting elements or changing styles).


  • Fixed issue with collapse arrows in the tree having too small of a click target. Thanks to @rrbarry11 for the bug report.

  • Text wrapping now works properly when the max of a hug width is reached. Thanks to @rrbarry11 for the report.

  • The “alt” key now shows up properly in Windows application menu item shortcuts.

Happy holidays, and we’ll see ya’ll in 2018!



Great job once again guys!

So pumped to utilize this fixed hugged feature and the speed increase was HUGEEEE, my artboards are smooth sailing now.


Wow, that’s noticeably faster!

Although, is it just me or the artboard can’t be resized now? I’m unable to do so by grabbing the handles since the update, I have to type the value in the right panel instead.


It seems that drag handles in general broke with this update. Also when you drag a box you can’t resize it with the handles.


I’m seeing this too. macOS 10.13.2


Thanks for the report @astrid.boivin, @jilderda, and @daveyholler. I’ve updated the links to a new release that fixes this issue: version 4305.

The underlying cause was a typo I made while doing some of the perf improvements.
Normally Ryan uses the build for a few days and catches this sort of stuff before we release it, but he is on a hard-earned Hawaiian vacation right now.

When he gets back, how about we just, uh, keep this lil’ mistake to ourselves = )


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We’ll talk about this in your performance review, Kevin. :expressionless: