ALT Key is intervening with Text Input


I tried to write a hex color with "#" in the CSS Style escape hatch. The ALT key takes away the focus from the input field and therefore doesn't allow to write a "#".

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Yeh I've been noticing that too, seems to bring up the dimensions and padding of the box selected.

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Ahhh, good old internationalization. I take it you are both on UK keyboards?

On a US keyboard mappings, writing a # means shift-3 instead of alt-3, so we missed this one. We'll get it fixed up. Thanks for the report!


Yeh UK keyboard for me. Cheers :smiley:


Same here, with Italian Keyboard (QWERTY).

2016.11.21 Subform release 6bdeabc

Thanks for the report everyone.

I'll look into disabling the HUD when you are focussed on a text input or switching to some other key to use as a pseudomode toggle.

This is an urgent issue, and I'll figure out a fix for the next release.


I just implemented a fix on this: The alt key now will not bring up the HUD if you are typing in an input or textarea.
This fix will appear in the next release.

During testing, I also learned that I can use my alt key to type the upside-down bang. ¬°Yay!