2016.11.21 Subform release 6bdeabc



Hi friends,

A new release of Subform is available:

OS X: Subform-0.0.0+6bdeabc.dmg

Windows: Subform Setup 0.0.0+6bdeabc.exe

Since the last release:


  • Use t hotkey rather than double clicking to create a text child. Thanks @nicki for the suggestion. Topic
  • Text boxes can now be named via the tree; tree edits no longer affect text box content. Thanks for the report @Benzo and the clarification of intent @norton. Topic


  • You can now paste 3 or 6-character hex colors with or without leading octothorpe in the color picker; there is now also proper validation feedback. Thanks @anna.pallotti for the suggestion! Topic
  • Windows users can now select an install path, thanks @AdrianoCahete. Topic
  • The about menu now shows system info suitable for bug reports, thanks @AdrianoCahete. Topic
  • You can now submit a bug report via "Help -> Report an issue" in the app menu, and it automatically starts a topic with your Subform and operating system info.
  • Subform menu now includes direct link to forum to check for updates, Thanks @JohaWeber for raising the question and @mateus_px for clarifying where to put it. Topic
  • Added "YOU SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT!?!" modal when you have unsaved changes. Thanks @amrancz for the suggestion. Topic
  • There's now an adorable icon for text in the tree rather than just a square:


  • Windows help menu now shows control key rather than command key, thanks @AdrianoCahete. Topic
  • .subform files are now automatically associated with Subform and open correctly in OS X and Windows. Thanks @vasil.krustev and @tobia.crivellari for the reports. Topic 1, Topic 2
  • The HUD will no longer appear if you press alt while typing in a text input. Thanks @agent.ff6600 for the report. Topic
  • PNGs now render properly on Windows, thanks @chris.williams for the excellent report. Topic
  • Undo now works properly when rolling back text changes. Thanks @rmion for the detailed report. Topic

2016.11.28 Subform release 8afa768
Text entry not working